Parents learn the “Tips to Harness the Power of Sleep” from Dr. Whitney Roban, Clinical Psychologist and renowned sleep expert. Sleep is one of three biological needs (eat, breathe and sleep) and considered the third pillar of health, along with diet and exercise.  Yet sleep is one of the most difficult and elusive aspects of our lives. Even before the pandemic approximately 30% of the population struggled with insomnia. That number has skyrocketed to 78%! People need healthy sleep more than ever, but more of them than ever are struggling to get it.  This short session  includes valuable information on the effects of insufficient sleep (weak immune system, weight gain, heart disease, poor coordination, and difficulty with memory and remote learning).  During needed sleep time (7-9 hours for adults) our bodies regulate our immune system, hunger and stress hormones, and repair cell and muscle damage. Some tips to improve sleep include reducing food, caffeine, exercise, and electronics before bed, and developing beneficial sleep routines.