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Manhasset CASA works with many students from across Manhasset Middle and High School in its mission to reduce substance abuse in the community. CASA’s SET CONNECT Club,¬† strives to be part of the solution to reduce underage use of alcohol, tobacco, prescription and other illegal drugs in the community. The clubs offer educational programs, community service opportunities and fun, social activities¬†to inspire youth to choose positive alternatives to substance abuse.

What Do Youth Club Members Do?

Participate on CASA’s Drug Free Communities Coalition
Implement Teen’s As Teachers classroom instruction for Kick Butt’s Day (7th Grade Science) and National Drug Facts Week (Underage Drinking)
Provides articles for the Indian Ink student newspaper on topics of substance abuse, health, and safety.
Speaks at Manhasset CASA events and promote in student community
Represents committee on Student Senate
Holds monthly meetings (and as necessary by project) to coordinate campaigns such as Above the Influence Day, National Drug Facts Week, Kick Butts Day and Health and Wellness Week.
Works with high school clubs and sports to promote prevention programs (Art Honor Society, Key Club)
Educates local lawmakers to youth initiatives (ex. e-cigarettes, underage drinking, health and wellness, positive alternatives)