Today's parents face many challenges when it comes to attending traditional education programs regarding parenting and child development. In addition, today's youth need useful tools to navigate healthy choices during adolescence.

Manhasset CASA, the Town of North Hempstead's North Hempstead Television (NHTV) and Public Access Television's (PATV) are working together to help our community access vital parent and youth education. The collaboration provides community television programming, produced by CASA, NHTV NHTV and PATV that assists families in their efforts to raise healthy and responsible children:

CASA's January 2017 Power of Parenting Series featuring Dr. Stephen Dewey's Alcohol, Drugs and the Teen Brain can be viewed as part of CASA's Prevention through Connection Series on PATV. The program also features Sara Wong, VIce President, Manhasset CASA Youth Committee, who provides an overview of the prescription drug epidemic and what community residents can do to prevent its misuse. Click here to view.

CASA's Generation Rx: Safe Medicine Practices for Life Initiative is featured as part of a four part television series on PUblic Access Television. In November 2016, CASA recorded Part 1 of the series featuring Steve Chassman, Exeuctive Director, Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (LICADD) and discusses today's prescriptionn drug epidemic and what families can do to prevent prescription drug misuse. Click here to to view our program. Click here to view LICADD's PSA.

CASA's October 2016 Drug Trends & Young People program can be viewed on our video link (click here) which includes  Linda Ventura's touching story about losing her son to a heroin overdose as well as LICADD's presentation.  Special thanks to Tom Donohue and Manhasset Public Schools.




In June 2016, Jenna Tishler, Co-President of Manhasset CASA Youth Committee Club at Manhasset High School, recently interviewed Sarah Haiken, a National Teen Influencer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) on CASA's Prevention through Connection Public Access Television (PATV) Program. The local teen prevention program dispells myths about underage drinking and empowers youth with useful tools in navigating healthy choices during adolescence.

Click here to view the Power of You(th) Program!


In February 2016, Manhasset CASA's 2016 Power of Parenting Series, sponsored by Senator Jack M. Martins and the Manhasset Public Library featured Dr. Kevin A. Sabet's discussion Understanding Marijuana in 2016.

Click here to view PATV's special edition of CASA's Prevention through Connection public access television program featuring Dr. Sabet's recorded presentation.



In June 2015, Manhasset Youth Club won the Town of North Hempstead's Screenplay Contest. These amazing teens recorded Positive Perspectives for Youth in North Hempstead which continues to air on PATV and North Hempstead TV! Click here to view Positive Perspectives from Teens in North Hempstead


In April 2015, Manhasset CASA and PATV's Teen TV produce Prevention Through Connection's Hang Up & Drive

In January 2015, Manhasset CASA and PATV's Teen TV produce Prevention through Connection's Hoot's Chalk Talk

In October 2014, Manhasset CASA and North Hempstead Television produced Prevention through Connection: It's a Fact Parents Do Matter and features a PSA with Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth

Dr. Stephen L. Dewey in an Interview With Manhasset CASA's Director Cathy Samuels Discusses Adolescent Brain Development
Manhasset CASA and North Hempstead Television produced an interview with Dr. Stephen L. Dewey of North Shore LIJ Feinstein Institute of Health about adolescent brain development. Dr. Dewey speaks often in our community about the effect drugs and alcohol has on the developing teen brain.

How to talk to your kids about drugs video.
Manhasset CASA and North Hempstead Television produced Guiding Your Teen featuring Isabel Burk, Director of The Health Network, a nationally known, award-winning expert on drug prevention, safety policies, and health education issues addresses the importance of family communication and the teen brain.

CASA's Cathy Samuels Interviews Toren Volkman

The premiere of Prevention through Connection, features Toren Volkman, writer of Binge to Blackout. Toren candidly discusses how his underage drinking started him down a destructive path where he realizes at age 23 that he is an alcoholic.


Public Service Announcement 30 second video - ran in local theaters June 2011
A 30 second Public Service Announcement currently in local theaters for the Summer of 2011.

Parents Who Host Lose the Most - logo

Manhasset CASA & Nassau County DA Kathleen RIce Underage Drinking PSA that played in local movie theatres during the summer of 2010.