Manhasset CASA works with many students from across Manhasset High School in its mission to reduce substance abuse in the community. CASA's Youth Club, an official Manhasset High School Club, explores and engages its members with community service opportunities and leadership roles in youth substance abuse prevention.

Every January, our teens join forces with the Art Honor Society, the Key Club and Indian Ink to coordinate National Drug Facts Week and CHAT Day. “Teens are faced with so many myths about drugs in our music, movies and television that we really need the facts to make healthy decisions,” stated Nicole Kiprilov. “CHAT Day gives us a chance to talk openly and honestly with scientists - without judgment,” added Griffin Hyde. Art Honor Society students provide an artistic touch and develop banners for the initiative:

Students work in the early morning hours to decorate banners which are hung throughout the school. Students from the Key Club, led by Advisor Lauren Majewski, organize Drug Facts Posters detailing little known facts about substance abuse.

Working together, CASA Youth club members lead community discussions, write for the Indian Ink student newspaper and Anton News' Manhasset Press and advocate to local elected officials regarding youth substance abuse prevention.

CASA’s Youth Club, in coordination with Manhasset’s Science Department and the Tobacco Action Coalition of Long Island, spearheads a “push-in” 7th grade Science Class lesson about the dangerous impact e-cigarettes has on the mind and body along with the effect tobacco marketing has on them as consumers. The 7th grade science students can ask members questions about persuasive e-cigratte marketing strategies, local laws to protect youth and much more!

Throughout the year, students participate as official sector members for CASA's Drug Free Communities Program Sector meetings where they participate with school, business, parent and other strategic partners in CASA's mission to reduce substance abuse. On a national level, youth participate on the National Institute on Drug Abuse's (NIDA) Teen Advisory Group (TAG) which is critically important in helping NIDA reach teens with engaging information about drug abuse and addiction.

Our youth also volunteer annually at the Manhasset SCA Fair and join in our social marketing campaigns such as "Talk. They Hear You." to promote the importance of talking with children early about the dangers of underage drinking.