As part of Manhasset High School’s commitment to the health, safety and education of its students as they move beyond high school, Manhasset High School again provided Red Watch Band training for all graduating seniors on June 3rd and June 4th.

Manhasset Public Schools' administration, High School faculty, Manhasset SCA, CASA, and the Robbi Levine Foundation made the coordination and implementation of this program possible.

The program is twofold. Through the Robbie Levine Foundation’s “Teens for Life” initiative, the CP/AED certification component was provided to every participant.

Manhasset educators helped students understand the importance of alcohol overdose as a medical emergency and provided the knowledge to give them the skills and confidence to help prevent a tragedy.

The Red Watch Band program was founded at Stony Brook University and the goal is to ensure all students get accurate information about the dangers of alcohol use and when, where and how to get help when every second counts. The program empowers students to recognize the signs of an alcohol related emergency and how to intervene properly on behalf of a friend in need while challenging student’s beliefs and behaviors in regards to alcohol use. It helps them identify high risk drinking environments and educates them on the impact that high risk drinking has on their community at large.

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